On Feb 21, 2017, our little family of 3 got upgraded to a family of 4. Our son was born. I must say, it has got to be one of the most exciting and unexplainable feeling ever. Labor was considerably long. Pain — excruciating. However, it was all worth it. Every single moment of pain and tears.

The feeling of being a mum is really different. Emotions run wild and though they say it’s because of the hormones, I think it’s more of the simple fact that I have now officially become a mother to another human being. Of course I have zero experiences in any of the tactical stuff and the breast feeding journey went off to a rocky start. But the connection is so surreal. Just seeing his pictures brings happy tears to my eyes. I was surprisingly calm even listening to him cry. Perhaps people may say that it has only been a few days and I might just change my mind after that.

Nonetheless, these few days have been a very bumpy ride. From our baby not being able to come home with us yet, to some hiccups in certain areas, it took a tow on me, emotionally. I literally couldn’t stop crying, even when I tell myself to stop. I know it impacts me, and it will have an impact to my little family; husband, dog, baby. Somehow, I find it difficult to get ahold of myself. But I’m definitely trying. Trying to stay more positive, trying to think on the bright side, trying to stay strong.

After all, that’s what mothers are supposed to be right?

I can’t wait for him to be home with us. And I know he can’t wait to come home too. Right boy? 🙂