It’s hard to believe that we are close to completing our first month with our new little addition. Oh, how time flies. How was it, you asked?

It was crazy.

And I think it might just get crazier as time goes by.

Waking up at odd hours is the easier part. Baby not wanting to sleep — now that’s the challenging part. His defense mechanism to anything — cry. Non-stop. And mind you, he’s loud. At the rate he’s going, he might be able to serenade “Have I Told You Lately” just like Rod Stewart in no time.

Best part of all — my breasts are no longer mine. Period.

Even with all the drama that happens on a daily basis, watching our little man grow day by day has never made me happier. He has brought so much joy to our little family and I’m ready to face the drama that will unfold soon in the next phase of his growth.

Perhaps the one fella that still stresses out every time he cries is our dear Boss. Oh Boss, hugs from Ma for being so wonderful.

Off for a quick shut eye before he’s up again.